Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet Your New Boyfriend

So, thanks for everyone who has joined, I'm now up to 120 followers which is insanely awesome. I've topped 205,000 views. An even bigger thanks to those who leave comments. I read them all. Please continue to comment, even on older ones, because it's the easiest way to see what type of captions you guys like most and it's the quickest way to get my lazy (and busy) butt to make more of these. Thanks again!

The Helpful Neighbor

What's That Buzzing Sound?

A Lesson He Won't Forget

The Black Birds and White Bees

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hitch Hiking

Ok sorry about the obscene delay between posts, I'll try to get back on a semi-regualr schedule. Hopefully all the people who found this blog and were nice enough to "follow" it while I was away haven't already abandoned it. Hope you enjoy these new ones.

Making a Mess at Work

Your Mouth Says No But Your Butthole Says Yes

Time For the Talk

Begging Won't Help