Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Auction

This was supposed to be the home-stretch for the current caption contest, but we're pretty low on submissions. I'm going to extend the entry period for a couple more days and see if that helps. If you need the details you can find them right here.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Still waiting on more caption contest entries. You can find all the fun details here. take a look.

Ask Me Anything

So this one technically wasn't a "AMA" question but I thought I should post the information that friend-of-the-blog Ian sent me regarding my last "AMA":

"Hi Wes, don't know if you have been emailed but the answer to the question in the ask me any thing is Rebbeca Molay of Rebbeca's World. I don't know the full details but I understand that some tosser has threatened to expose her  so she has taken the blog down.
This is where I got my info from."

Me: Thanks Ian. Anyone who isn't already familiar with the situation should check out that link and pass along any support.

Megan Gwynn asked: What is the caption you've posted that got a bigger response than you thought it would, AND what caption did you think was going to be a big hit but didn't get the response you expected?"

Me: The one that surprised me in a good way was my first MILF sissy caption , Being a Role Model. It got a lot of comments and a lot of emails. Plus, it was something I wasn't sure I wanted to do and now I love writing that type of character. 
As far as one that surprised me in a bad way - hands down it was Web Cam Crash. I worked really hard on that one and tried to do something different style-wise and I added the names of people who commented frequently and participated in the caption contests. It got very little response at all.

Anonymous asked: Please make more sissy cuckold and femdom captions! Love your work!

Me: Plenty of both on the way.

Anonymous asked: Domino Presley with short hair or long hair?

Me: She looks amazing either way, but that short hair is killer. I saw a video of her with it short and dyed kinda silver-ish...she looked bangin'.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Spring Break MILFs

Still time left in the current caption contest. So far I only have entries from two people so hopefully you're all still working on yours. All the details can be found here.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Driver's Ed Tutor

Still lots of time left in the caption contest. You can find all the fun details right here. 

Ask Me Anything

Anonymous asked: Now that you've written a few captions for each of your new characters, who has become your favorite?

Me: Good question. I think I probably like Candy the best. There are just so many stories I want to tell with that character getting into trouble with principals, coaches, students and students' parents. I've also grown to like Nikki a lot more. I like the idea of a MILF sex slave for high school boys.

Anonymous asked: Do You plan to make some captions about a sissy Thor?

Me: I hadn't planned on it. I have been thinking more about doing some kind of sissy hero/sidekick caption series but even with Marvel making Thor a woman, the character doesn't seem like it would make a good sissy. Too strong and aggressive.

Anonymous asked: Will you ever have Bobbi's stepdad or boss make him get a pussy?

Me: That probably won't ever happen on my blog. I've said before I like to keep my sissies tortured and humiliated. If they were to ever get a sex change operation then some of that would be lost. They be hot women and get treated better. For me it's better if they have to keep that tiny reminder between their legs, letting them know they're neither men nor women.

Anonymous asked: So it goes one, one of our best writer is stops write because he is blackmailed. And so few screams stand again the blackmail or even say a word of like "thanks or we miss you or how can i help". No they all peek at their screen and wank of and don't like

Me: I'm not sure I understand. Has somebody stopped writing? Who are we talking about?

Anonymous asked: Would you do more sissy bride stuff or even castrated sissies?

Me: Sissy bride? Yes. Castration? See above.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Rap Video Bois

The submission period for the current ccaption contest is now open. Lots of great images to choose from along with details on how to win listed here. Give it a look and take a shot. Right now your chances of winning are really high seeing as how so far I've received 0 submission. Still plenty of time though.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Caption Contest 5: Cosplay

Welcome to this blog's fifrth caption contest. So far the feedback has been that they are a lot fo fun for readers and even more so for participants. We get a mix of established captioners with their own blogs as well as people giving it a try for the first time. All four contests have had a winner who'd never made captions before, so why not give it a shot?

The Rules
1. Choose one of the images below to caption.
2. You can submit as many captionas you like but you can only submit one caption per photo.
3. Captions, like the captions on this blog, should be about forced feminization and interracial in nature (but I'm not strict at all, just have fun).
4. Submit your captions to For anyone who doesn't know how to make a caption, you can just email me the text and the photo you want and I'll make it for you.
5. Submissions will be taken until early evening on Thursday, July 31. All captions will be posted for voting that night.

The Prize
Four to six winners will be selected based on the number of entries. Two or three will be chosen by me and two or three will be chosen by readers in a poll. If there is any overlap between the two, I'll select a runner-up.
The prize will be a caption by me. You can send me a photo, a theme or both and I'll make you a custom caption hitting any fetishes you'd like to see represented.

The Grand Prize
Since it worked well last time, The Grand Prize will be a custom caption series! That's right, the top winner will get a set of four or more captions telling a complete story. (The actual amount will be decided by me based on how much story I can get out of the winner's idea for their custom caption.) 

Character Guide
You DON'T have to use my character names, but for the people who like to:

Robert/Bobbi Luvcoxxx - Reluctantly feminized highschool-ish age main character

Christopher/Chrissy Luvcoxxx - Bobbi's younger feminized brother
Nick/Nikki Luvcoxxx - Bobbi and Chrissy's humiliated cuckold father.
Sidney/Sindi Sweetcheeks - MILF sissy with an unfeminized, horny teen son, Daniel
William/Billie Blowswell - Very reluctant teen sissy who doesn't realize/admit how much he's been feminized
Brian/Britney Valentine - Bobbi's best friend who loves being a teen sissy
Cameron/Candy Luvdarc - Force-feminized MILF sissy teacher at Bobbi's school
Peter/Petra Lix - A sissy pornstars who claims to be straight when the camera isn't on
Sukutashi/Suki Fukumore - Asian teen sissy, with a girlfriend pushing him to be more feminine
Trevor Limpley - White cuckold who can't help falling in love with all the sissies
Cara Vixen - Billie's female femdom girlfriend who used to date Bobbi
Angelica Cockteese - Suki's "girlfriend" who loves feminizing white bois
Holly Luvcoxxx - Bobbi and Chrissy's mother and ex-wife of Nick
D'Angelo Blackwood - Bobbi and Chrissy's stepdad. Holly's new black husband.
Mr. Blackstone - Bobbi and Nick's black boss. (Possibly also Trevor's boss. I kind of use the same names over and over)
Mr. Blackwell - Bobbi and Chrissy's black principal
Coach Blackburn - Coach of every sport, apparently

The Images
The theme for the photos of this particular contest based on your votes in the previous poll will be "Sissy Cosplay," which is appropriate because the San Diego Comic-Con just started yesterday. So, are they going to Comic-Con? A costume party? Is it not a costume at all - are these alternate sissy universe versions of your favorite characters? It's completely up to your worst! ;)  Your choices are:




Princess Peach 

Star Trek

Native American

Wonder Woman 

Snow White

Emma Frost 


Jessica Rabbit



The Bride

A Clockwork Orange





Princess Leia and Queen Amidala




Mickey Mouse

Catwoman 2

I know that's more than the normal amount of images I provide but it was too tough to cut down to only 20.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Learn Your Lesson

I had to push the new contest back a day. I was just too busy last night and today to sort through the photos and pick the best 15-20. I'll sort tonight and get it up tomorrow though.

Since I am taking an extra day, however, why not give you all a chance to pick the theme of the contest? You can vote until 4:30 pm PST on the two choices. I'll sort the photos for both so we're ready to go for whichever theme wins.

In the meantime, here's a new cap:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two Captains

Thanks again to everyone who commented on "Prom Queens," especially to the people who emailed me longer comments. I'm really happy with how it turned out so it's always nice to hear people enjoyed it.

I'm going to post a new caption contest tomorrow, so be sure to check in and see the theme and the images.

Also enjoy this new caption. I LOVED the picture and had to find a way to use it.

Ask Me Anything

Anonymous asked: I tried to find WesMantooth on yahoo messanger but I didn't see you. Do you go on private?

Me: The first issue is that my name on YM is WesMantooth702. The other issue might be that I'm not always on. Only when I'm home and not working.

Anonymous asked: You should do some teen sissy caps using photos of (legal) teen girls. That'd be super hot.

Me: I feel like I do a lot of those. Check my archive - especially any captions of Chrissy - and I'm always making more.

Anonymous asked: Dude cutting out that "dads jacking it to their sons" was the best decision youve ever made for your blog, keep that shit cut out.

Me: Hmmm

Anonymous asked: I know you've made Bobbi's dad into Nikki the MILF but I miss the captions where Nick was unable to control himself around Bobbi. Those caps were soooo hooooot! More of those!

Me: Hmmm.

Seriously though, those types of captions will always pop up from time to time. I guess I have done less of them recently but they haven't gone away.
Anonymous asked: The

Me: ?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Prom Queens: Parts 17 - 30

The second half of my 30-part captions series. Please enjoy.

My thank to the few people who have already left comments on this series. It took a lot of time to make so it's great to hear it's been a hit so far. Hopefully you liked how it ended.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Prom Queens: Parts 1 - 16

I'm pleased to present the caption series I've been working on for a very long time. This is a 30-part series about the prom at Malcolm X High School and it features every one of my characters. Because it is so long I'll split it into two posts. Today you get parts 1-16 where's there's a nice natural break and tease for tomorrow. Let me know what you all think.