Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Anniversary Gift


  1. Like the picture but cann't read the saying next to it.

    1. Sorry about that, it's actually a really big photo. Don't just click it, right click and open it in a new tab or new window. Then you'll be able to see it full size

  2. Love it! Don't worry, Trevor. Maybe to celebrate your anniversary, Mr. Blackstone will tell Bobbi to let you lick his used condom clean when Bobbi gets home late tonight...

  3. God, Trevor is such a worthless white boi FAGGOT. Even BOBBI is sneering at him, and she's a black-cock broken sissy bimbo BITCH. Mr. Blackstone needs to put that stupid little white boi in his proper place...with a set of tit and ass implants, an extra-strength dose of feminizing hormones, and an eight hour fuck-session with a big black cock to show that limp-dick loser just what he's good for.

  4. Oh lord yes, the final step in Trevor's cuckolding. Bobbi is the bait and says he can finally go 'all the way' with Trevor. Trevor shows up expecting a night of slow sensitive white faggotry only to be ambushed by Mr. Blackstone or maybe even a whole gang of rock hard black men ready to show another little white bitch their place in the new world order.

  5. Mmh, definitely a gang. Trevor is SO stupid not to realize what he is by now that the only way for Mr. Blackstone to ensure that he retains the most important lesson of his white boi life is to learn it over and over and OVER again in an all-night "cram" session courtesy of countless inches of hot, hard, big, BLACK cock, with Bobbi there to fluff all those ebony shafts between "lessons."

    By the time that Trevor, or maybe "Tammi" will be a more appropriate name, has finally gone ALL the way her sissy fuckholes will be MOLDED to accept big, black cocks as naturally as breathing, and those endless loads of potent black mens' cum will have caused her soft, weak white body to stop producing what little testosterone it was...fucked into correcting its mistake. From there it's implants, hormones, salon visits, and even more learning how to please her black masters the way a faggot sissy bimbo like her should.