Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Maybe Next Year


  1. Brilliant.

    Please keep releasing them, I'll always keep reading them.

  2. These make me so horny! I can't help but rub my little white boy clit while I read them

  3. Out of curiosity, are you open to requests?

    1. I never want to promise anything, but i'm certainly open. I've gotten some really good ideas from fans of the site, and even some photos i've used.

    2. an asian sissy who's stealing all bobbi's guys and bobbi gets jealous even though supposedly he doesn't want to do it with the black guys so bobbi is struggling to compete with the asian who is a dominant submissive so the asian doesn't get the same mistreatment as bobbi. and then they both become best friend cumdumps and engage in multiple orgies and shit.

    3. That sounds terrible. Please don't do that.

  4. Well here a few pics that could make some good captions:


    For this pic, perhaps have a white boy's sissy daddy get used by the black boys at school

  5. Or, hey, this entire gallery:


    I'm sure there are alot of fans of the big fake titties and the absurd bimbo style, but personally I'm here because you have a unique voice for raunchy, abusive captions. I love the yearning and the humiliation in Bobbi's captions and would really love to see it expressed with a cute ultra-femme trap.

    If it has to be glam models and porn chicks (and honestly, why would you change a winning formula now?) I'd like to see a return to the petite, tight-bodied teens you've used in the past. Of course I'm still a fan and I'll still check out the page regardless but as long as people are fishing for requests I thought I'd get in on the action too.

  6. Oh Bobbi you ungrateful bitch. If I was in your place, I'd make sure to thank such a wonderful black step daddy right from the start. Making sure my mouth and tits were always ready for him to fuck. And I'm sure he'd appreciate me sharing such wonderful gifts with all the horny black boys at school. You HAVE to help high school boys. They're always SO horny and it's such a shame when they have to take matters into their own hands when I have a perfectly good, hot, fuckable mouth!

  7. You did such a great job with this caption as well as the turnaround on how fast you produced it. Nothing else on the 'net makes my little whiteboiclit cum faster than your captions!

  8. Wes we all love your captions please make lots more