Saturday, March 14, 2015

Anzaleth's Custom Caption Prize

Today marks the first day of the unveiling of the custom caption prizes I made for the winners of the Hardcore Caption Contest. Those of you who won should probably see your prizes in your email. If you don't see yours, it's because I'm still finishing it up but you'll have it very soon.

Today we start with Anzaleth's prize who wanted a sequel to the prize I made for them in the last contest which you can see here. This is a continuation where Catwoman has now sissified Alfred and Robin who don't feel the same way about their predicament as Batman does.


  1. It is a wonderful feeling ... to wear a uniform.
    To show what you feel through his hard and tight sissy clit.
    Gotham City is the right place for it...:-)!


  2. Loving the Gaped crusader series, Hoping it continues :)

  3. *Giggle* Poor widdle Batboi. Not even the other sissies respect him. Thanks so much, Wes. This is awesome!