Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Car Show Boi

Just a quick break for this caption then I'll get back to the "Earning His Keep" story. I just loved this photo so much. The model is stunningly hot and I wanted to get one up while I gather more usable Bailey Jay photos.
SO, a call for help to fans of the blog. I know for a fact we have some serious Bailey Jay fans here. I'm having trouble finding the type of photos I want in order to continue the story. She has some great photos but I haven't found the type I need. If anyone has any photos of the lovely Miss Bailey standing OUTSIDE, or any decent res hardcore photos of her that they could share with me I'd be much obliged. You can post a link in the comments or shoot me an email at popov2424@aol.com. Thanks!


  1. Hot .... a suggestion (as well as a request) though: loved your series 'Being A Role Model'; could you please, please continue on that one ... I think Taylor Wane is probably the hottest and the sexiest model I have ever seen.

    Love all your caps by the web. The best of all available on the Web. Love your work. Seriously. ....

  2. Looking forward to more Bailey captions! Here are some shots of her outside. Maybe one of them will help =)

  3. That was hot! I love it when they elude to how small her white pee pee is! And yes please more Bailey Jay!