Friday, January 24, 2014

Earning His Keep: Part 3 - First Day, New Job

Thanks to everyone who sent me links to Bailey Jay pics. I still have more in this series coming so anyone who does have pictures of her in an outdoor/ city area would still be appreciated. For now I just made my own. Keep commenting and telling me what you like or don't like.


  1. Have to say they just get better and better. Glad you have a plan and if we can help you make the magic you do then I am sure your fans will. The car show was a nice break (and hot). This one is good too maybe more as a set up for what's coming next (but still hot). Feel free to throw any random ones you do out there. I am sure we can follow along with no problem. Keep up the good work (and hot) and we will keep enjoy them all. One of your biggest fans, Lucy

  2. Thanks, Lucy. I always appreciate your feedback. I have a few more in this Bailey Jay/prostitute series. Then I have something REALLY REALLY BIG coming up after. But yeah, I really liked the car show one, didn't seem to be as much of a hit for other readers based on feedback though.

  3. This is a great set and fantastic blog. am looking forward to the really really big.
    keep piling on that humiliation.