Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Poll Results

I, again, want to thank everyone from participating in the poll and I thought I'd share what I've learned, and therefore, what you can expect from this blog moving forward.

While I've been moving more towards multi-part captions, it was clear that a lot of you are still fans of one-shot captions so I will make sure to post those in between the multi-parters and whenever else I can.
Of the sub-genres within my captions, the one that far and away seemed to be the favorite was the idea of the "sissy MILF," so I'll definitely make it a point to get more done of that type.

As far as write-in votes received by email, (which I give a slight weight to just because anyone who takes the time write nice emails like you all did must really like the blog), the most votes went to more "Cuckolding Trevor" captions. So we'll see more of that as well.

I did get some write-in requests to see some caps of a post-op Bobbi. And I have to say that probably won't happen. It's just not part of the specific fetish I have that made me start this blog.

I also had some emails asking to focus less on the interracial aspect of the captions. Now that was something I have thought about quite a bit. For me it's sort of the least important part of the (my) fetish, for me it's more about dominance - an alpha male forcing a beta male to become a female against his will. BUT, I do know that for a lot of readers, the interracial aspect is their favorite part. 

So, that's why the new poll question. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks again!


  1. Please don't get rid of the IR theme! It makes these hot pics and caps ten times better!

  2. I agree with the above comment ... keep it IR. Moreover, I think those "Bobbi and his girlfriend Chrissy" posts were excellent. Maybe you could do a multi-part series there. With Love. Excellent work, in fact, the best available on web.

    Please choose hot looking women/trannies for your captions. Makes them better.

  3. I love your work but the bad grammar some of your characters use gets a bit annoying to be honest