Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Long Way Home: Part 1 - A Sissy Bobbi Comic in Two Parts

I've been working hard on this one for a while. Aesthetically it's not perfect but it got across the idea that I was going for - a more stylized type of caption story.

I'm always inspired by Nikki Jenkins of What Nikki does in terms of quantity is amazing and I've mentioned that on this site before. But the other thing that impresses me is the quality of the captions - specifically the design. Nikki makes captions that have a distinct visual look, as soon as you see one on another site - imagefap or whatever - you say, "That's a Nikki J cap!"

So this is my first attempt at finding a more distinct style, something my own, other than just the pink border. I'll be polishing things up visual as I go and making it look a bit prettier. As for the story, I'm very happy with it and hope you all like it too. Enjoy!


  1. I just wanted to say that wow this is so so good. As usual your hard work pays off big time. I appreciate what you do. sissyslavecandi@yahoo

  2. This caption series is amazing!!! I would love more like this! -Cornfed

  3. That one was so hot! Please please keep the interracial aspect. It's such a turn on seeing these hot white bois being little sluts for big black men

  4. made my little white dick hard! For me, I love it when Bobbi goes from being resistant to acceptance. page 7 where Bobbi says "i just cant help it", hhnnggghh sooo hot!

  5. Oh my GOD this series was such a huge turn on! You had my little white clit dick dribbling in my tiny pink panties!

  6. The right and only way for a Two-Hole-Slut...!