Sunday, November 9, 2014

Angi's Custom Caption Prize

Angi wanted a caption where a frustrated dad lounges by the pool with his sissy son. Angi wanted the dad to be flirty, teasing and mean and get a blowjob for his troubles.


  1. Yessss, this is that shit I've been missing. It's such a different dynamic when it's not the stepfather, doubly so because there's no racial angle. I love your work but it has to be said that the theme of your site doesn't normally allow for white dudes who aren't total pussies to feature in the captions.

    Seriously, with few exceptions Trevor is the standard for non-sissy white dudes and that's only because he's rarely getting fucked in the ass. But consider the relationship here for a moment, you've got this father who might very well be the last of his kind, a big cracker alpha male forced to watch his son become a slut for dick. That's all well and good but where you break from convention here Wes it that the father is clearly under no illusions as to who is responsible for his son's circumstances. Since his own masculinity is under no threat here he is able to recognize that his son is clearly getting off on submissive gender-bending sex. All that remains is to prove his hypothesis and assert his dominance in this new sexual dynamic.

    It's a shame these two characters could never survive your main caption series, but I hope to see you explore this concept again at some point.

  2. I disagree I think this cracker dad needs to eventually be taken over by black cock in the same way. The submissive grouping is what is really hot. that nobody escapes. Its what makes the whole series stand up and keep us interested

  3. Then it becomes a question of what exactly makes a character unique. And make no mistake, the character arcs and interconnected relationships are what make these captions truly stand out. I would hate to see that wasted if it we take for granted that every time a new character makes an appearance a countdown starts running until they get a dick in their mouth.

    Nick becoming Nikki is probably the exception that proves the rule (even though I do kind of miss the yearning and confusion of his earlier relationship with Bobbi/Chrissy) but I think keeping some characters separate from the 'orthodox' sexual dynamic makes them not only more valid but more interesting. I can say with certainty that both Daniel and Sindi would become less interesting characters if Daniel were feminized. That relationship is arguably better explored with other established characters. Trevor is certainly more fun because he's more interested in a conventional homosexual relationship but can be bullied into dressing up or being humiliated. If he went Trina full time that would be disappointing.

    If the clock starts running on everyone I'm waiting for Malik to get banged out to be honest. Or maybe I'm taking porn captions to seriously. I went to college...

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this caption. I have to say I agree with you. If everyone eventually gets sissified in my captions then all the characters become the same. I'm trying to find something that keeps them different and fun to write about. it gives me a way to hit all the different little fetishes I can explore with this site while still staying in the "interracial feminization" genre.

  4. Oh jesus christ yes, this is one of my biggest fantasies...

  5. My grade 5 out of 10.

  6. Sorry, but this one was for Angi. Hopefully you'll like the rest.

  7. So hot. Just waiting for the father to turn his sissy around and assert his true dominance!