Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Master Crocker's Custom Caption Prize

Master Crocker left his instructions pretty simple - he wanted something with Lisa Ann...and something he might like. So, I did something in the vein of the caption series I did for him last time he won. Enjoy.


  1. The super! I was excited only from one text. You think out texts or you take them from stories?
    I want to read such story. Now it is my favourite blog. I will try to see all pictures.
    Thank you very much! Good luck!

  2. "The near future of white guys" would be healthy to call the picture. About COCK patrol in the text is

  3. You please think. I suggest to clean the title which is on the page from the picture and to stir on the picture more text in different places

  4. I love this concept. Please do more captions of this same theme!