Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cab Confession

You guys aren't going to believe how much fun you're going to have reading all the entries for the Schoolboi caption contest. Seriously, this contest has been a huge success already just based on the quality and quantity of submissions I've received. That being said. I had a couple people ask for an extension on the deadline. They both asked really nicely and they both have competed before so I feel they've earned a little extra time. So All entries have to be in by Thursday afternoon and will be posted Thursday night. For any other procrastinators that want to have some fun with the rest of us, you can find the details right here.

One more order of business - someone hinted that my Spring.me Ask Me Anything box might not be working properly. It appears that's true. Anybody know how to fix it? In the meantime if you have an AMA question for me just send it to popov2424@aol.com with the subject line "Ask Me Anything," and I'll be happy to post an answer.

And finally, time for a new caption...

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