Friday, December 19, 2014

Schoolboi Contest Winners Posted

The votes have been counted and the winners of the seventh caption contest are now posted on the winners page located here.

I don't think it will shock anyone who read all the entries that this particular contest was a huge success in terms of both quantity and quality. It was EXTREMELY difficult to pick the winners. And took me quite a bit of time to make my decision.

For newer readers or participants, I choose my grand prize winner first, then I take the top four vote-getters and then I pick my own four favorites from the remaining captions.

Grand Prize Winner: Slutty Eve's Series
Like the previous contest, my decision for the grand prize was basically a three-way tie. I thought and thought about which one might stand out a bit more but they all excelled in such different ways. Ultimately, I chose Eve's series. I loved the storyline of Bobbi's futile resistance and the fun of seeing every character from my blog pop up in one way or another. In the end, Eve got bonus points for the Herculean task of doing this series along with a solo caption for every single picture in the contest!

People's Choice #1: Alexis Deep's Series
Alexis's story about a sissy's mother pushing him down the road to slutty sissy oblivion was well-received by readers. A great use of one of my given pictures enhanced by adding matching photos from Alexis's own collection.

People's Choice #2: Musta's Series
Another parallel to the last contest. Once again the previous contest's grand prize winner almost won this contest. Musta once again amazed me with creativity. Both in the story itself and this time with the design. It was really hard not to give this one the grand prize. Just amazing work.

People's Choice #3: Elena Starz 1
I had a pretty good idea we'd see Elena in the winner's circle, and I even had a suspicion it might be involving this photo. This contest seemed right in her wheelhouse and that many big-boobied, bimbo-looking schoolbois would be perfect for her. Elena, as always, did not disappoint with this homerun.

People's Choice #4: Matty Series
A flurry of people voting right before time expired on the poll moved Matty into the fourth spot by one vote. Like Alexis Deep, Matty used his own photos to enhance to the one I provided making a really cool series about Candy trying to sacrifice Bobbi and Chrissy in his place.

My Choice #1: LilLuvLip Series
This was definitely the contest of amazing multi-part series. LilLuvLip's story of a schoolboi through the high school years was a really creative way to use the different models. A great entry.

My Choice #2: Sissy Tamer 1
When Sissy Tamer emailed me his submissions he said he wasn't feeling very creative when he wrote it so he wasn't expecting to do well but he likes participating. If this is him at 50% I'll still take it! Sissy Tamer's captions always get me turned on and this one was no exception. One of the straight-up hottest entries this contest.

My Choice #3: Anzaleth 1
Anzaleth caught my attention for two reasons. First it was a great use of very under-used character Holly Luvcoxxx. Second, I love the addition of new character Ms. Spankboiz. I've already gotten permission to maybe use that character again in the future.

My Choice #4: Jessica Rivera 1
Jessica's Britney caption was another that got me all worked up in a good way. A perfect Britney caption in that it captures the unbridled sluttiness but this one had a nice creative element by adding Britney's pathetic dad. Sexy stuff.

Honorable Mention: Slutty Eve 1
No extra prize for this one, I just wanted to acknowledge once more the sheer amount of work that Slutty Eve did this contest by picking my favorite of her single captions.

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  1. *giggle* Awesome! There were so many deliciously kinky submissions that I'm totally flattered mine got in! I feel it is a great shame that Holly Lovcoxxx is such a little-used character. As much as I love big black studs showing little white bois what their place is, I love even more horny cougars (especially mommies and teachers) deciding that their little men would be so much happier as slutty toy bois and it's their job to teach them! I'm glad Ms. Belinda Spankboiz made such a splash. I look forward to seeing the character again!