Monday, February 2, 2015

Caption Contest 8: Hardcore Sissies!

Last contest had the best turnout of any contest yet. Let's see if we can surpass even that. For the eighth caption contest, the theme - as chosen by you the readers - is hardcore photos. For added excitement we have the three new characters I just introduced that you can play with (if you choose).

Here's the fine print:

The Rules
1. Choose one of the images below to caption.
2. You can submit as many captionas you like but you can only submit one caption per photo.
3. Captions, like the captions on this blog, should be about forced feminization and interracial in nature (but I'm not strict at all, just have fun).
4. Submit your captions to For anyone who doesn't know how to make a caption, you can just email me the text and the photo you want and I'll make it for you.
5. Submissions will be taken until late afternoon on Monday, January 9. All captions will be posted for voting that night.

The Prize
Four to six winners will be selected based on the number of entries. Two or three will be chosen by me and two or three will be chosen by readers in a poll. If there is any overlap between the two, I'll select a runner-up.
The prize will be a caption by me. You can send me a photo, a theme or both and I'll make you a custom caption hitting any fetishes you'd like to see represented.

The Grand Prize
Since it worked well the last few times, The Grand Prize will be a custom caption series! That's right, the top winner will get a set of four or more captions telling a complete story. (The actual amount will be decided by me based on how much story I can get out of the winner's idea for their custom caption.) 

Character Guide
You DON'T have to use my character names, but for the people who like to:

Robert/Bobbi Luvcoxxx - Reluctantly feminized highschool-ish age main character

Christopher/Chrissy Luvcoxxx - Bobbi's younger feminized brother
Nick/Nikki Luvcoxxx - Bobbi and Chrissy's humiliated cuckold father.
Sidney/Sindi Sweetcheeks - MILF sissy with an unfeminized, horny teen son, Daniel
William/Billie Blowswell - Very reluctant teen sissy who doesn't realize/admit how much he's been feminized
Brian/Britney Valentine - Bobbi's best friend who loves being a teen sissy
Cameron/Candy Luvdarc - Force-feminized MILF sissy teacher at Bobbi's school
Peter/Petra Lix - A sissy pornstars who claims to be straight when the camera isn't on
Jack/Jackie Jizzbucket - Empowered punk-rock sissy who teases Trevor
Erik/Erika Diketer - Sissy nurse at the local hospital
Sukutashi/Suki Fukumore - Asian teen sissy, with a girlfriend pushing him to be more feminine
Trevor Limpley - White cuckold who can't help falling in love with all the sissies
Cara Vixen - Billie's female femdom girlfriend who used to date Bobbi
Angelica Cockteese - Suki's "girlfriend" who loves feminizing white bois
Holly Luvcoxxx - Bobbi and Chrissy's mother and ex-wife of Nick
Belinda Spanksboiz - Femdom Vice-Principal at the local highschool
D'Angelo Blackwood - Bobbi and Chrissy's stepdad. Holly's new black husband.
Malik - Black teen stud who torments Nikki
Mr. Blackstone - Bobbi and Nick's black boss. (Possibly also Trevor's boss. I kind of use the same names over and over)
Mr. Blackwell - Bobbi and Chrissy's black principal
Coach Blackburn - Coach of every sport, apparently
Cary/Carrie Cumdump - Sissy superhero known as Power Boi

The Images
There's a good mixture here of blondes, brunettes, pornstars, transsexuals, teens and MILFs - something for everyone and any character!


  1. I can already tell I'm going to really lime this contest!

    1. I'm going to lime it too. I'm going to citrus all over it.

  2. *Giggle* Glad to see Belinda Spanksboiz. She was the vice principal in my original post but I imagine she'll go with whatever Mr. Blackwell tells her. She's a modern 21st-century lady, of course! She knows that black men are there to be obeyed -- just like white bois are there to be dominated.

  3. I'll definetly be submitting something for this. For obvious reasons, Power Boi has a strong appeal. I'll see how it goes. I'll see what additional images I can dig-up.

  4. whos the redhead milf-looking model in the second picture?

    1. That is Veronica Avluv, the model I use for all my Candy Luvdarc captions.