Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Importance of Early Detection

The big news for today is that I've decided on a new site for this blog once Blogger shuts me down. You can find the new Interracial Sissy Captions blog on WordPress at It's not an ideal site but it seems to offer just about everything I had here and more than tumblr offers.

So, for about another two weeks I'll continue to post here, while also uploading the same images to the new site and reminding you all to bookmark there from now on. After that period I'll only be posting on the new site.

For right now I have no plans to upload my old captions onto the new site, I'm going to start fresh with yesterday's post. But that doesn't mean when this site goes down that you won't be able to see my old stuff. I've uploaded everything to galleries on imagefap at

Now enjoy this new Erika caption...


  1. Great news! Google/ Blogger have backed down from the proposed changes.

  2. Finally Erikas years of medical school are paying of, that way he also can teach all the other whiteboi nurses the proper techniques. Great photo manipulation and awesome job with the deliciously nasty twist at the end, love them!