Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ian's Custom Caption Prize

Working Bois is over and it's back to regularly scheduled programming. It's time to let everyone see the custom captions that were won after my last contest. 

I did this one for Ian, who has been in every one of my contests so I was happy to get an opportunity to make one for him. He asked for a story about a boi who refused to go full-blown sissy during high school but ends up working as a sissy maid once he graduates. Enjoy!

I've reposted the poll in the hopes that it works this time. I'll give it 24 hours and if it's still not working we'll move on to plan B.


  1. Ooh, very fun! And a nice pic, too.

    Though I must admit that I think the little sissy might need a bit more motivation than just losing his job. Perhaps D'Von's father has promised to buy Bobbi a new pair of tits, so he can finally get a decent job, as a stripper. And if he refuses to attend the party, and gangbanging, he'll never get those implants and a better career than a mere sissy maid.

    Just a thought, though. I'm a sucker for implants, in more ways than one. ;-)

    - B-Rex

  2. Wow after you epic opus, I thought the one offs might be a let down. NO WAY this was great and packed the kind of punch I love to see. The winner was the winner for getting this one. Almost makes me wish I had entered...who knows maybe next time I will. One of your biggest fans, Lucy

  3. Thanks Wes sorry for late viewing and gratitude I have been off line for a month.