Thursday, June 26, 2014

Short Announcement

No new caption today, I wanted to make sure the caption contest was right at the top of my page for one more day. I'll put up something cool tomorrow - probably a multi-caption series.

I did want to make a quick announcement about the voting though. The site that I'm using to host the poll let me know this morning that some has voted more than once using the same IP address. I think I've fixed setting of the poll so that won't be possible anymore, but if I see that alert again I'll just take the poll down and award prizes only to my favorites. It just isn't fair to everyone who worked so hard on their captions and to the people who are currently doing well in the poll. Hopefully the issue is taken care of and we can all just enjoy these amazing caps and thank the people who worked so hard on them.


  1. Everytime I visit the poll has refreshed to be selectable again, so it might be that?

    1. Yeah. It's supposed to look that way. But if you try to vote again, you should see the total number of votes doesn't change if you've already voted.