Friday, June 6, 2014

Master Crocker's Custom Caption Series Grand Prize

Master Crocker, my grand prize winner of a full series, asked for a story about a white male working as a bdsm master, who gets caught and sissified into a "pneumatic-titted, humbled, degraded faggot," with an emphasis on the contrast between the before and after.

Lolly Pop, my other caption winner, has asked that her custom caption remain private so I'll be back to posting new original captions tomorrow.

PS: today is the last day to vote for the theme of my next caption contest. There are now four options still tied (and the other two are very close behind) so every vote matters). It's as easy as popping your choice in my "Ask Me Anything" box over to the right of this page. Details are found here.


  1. God I love this one great job wes

  2. Loved the caption serie, especially that he was reluctant through the whole part, but still learned his place ;P

  3. I'm sure this will be a popular caption for you. It's an interesting element you can always play with: the resistance and perhaps a "sissy patrol"