Thursday, August 28, 2014

Candy's Custom Caption Prize

Hey everybody. So I've been kind of quiet on the web site for awhile, it's because I've been really sick for over a week. I'm getting better now and should be responding to the emails I've received in the interim. I'll put up an AMA tomorrow probably to answer all the AMA questions I've gotten in that time. I hope you all have liked the posts I've put up recently, I tried to get one up whenever I was conscious.

Today will start the posting of the custom captions I made for the winners of the Cosplay Contest. We'll start with the one I did for Candy. Candy gave me a photo and asked for a caught with consequences caption of someone dressing for a party.

PS: Missy Sissy, if you read this I still haven't heard back from you on what you'd like for your custom caption so be sure to contact me to claim your prize.


  1. Oh YES!!!, now that is a custom prize. I like where you took it and you made it a first person account, in other words...I love it. Of course, I may have to write the sequel myself...muwahahaa. Then again, don't we all write sequels in our heads to all the caps we enjoy. Thanks again, Candy

  2. This is now one of my all time favorites. Amazing picture and the caption was so powerful

  3. This is a great caption. I love the idea and the different story of how she became the sissy. Keep up the great work!