Thursday, August 7, 2014

Performing for an Audience

Still plenty of time to read through all the great entries in the Cosplay Caption Contest. You can see the entries here before voting in the poll to the right.

I've been super busy with a new job so I didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday. So, hopefully this multi-part caption makes up for it. Enjoy.

Edit: I corrected the typo in the title.


  1. that's so fucking hot man, keep them coming!

  2. In this world might it be possible that white sissy's could be forced to lactate as a badge of their quasi female status enhancing their humiliation while proving they are no longer male. Males can lactate now. But with better drugs, hormones and enhaned nipples their milk could be sold to pay for the implants. Breast pump stimulation could make them need penetration to orgasm, making thembeg to be fucked despite protests to the contrary. Think " I am a man." Right, then why do you have two wet spots over your nipples?" "Your breathing hard. You need me to take you now. But use then lips, suck, and beg me to fuck you sissy."

  3. Interesting artistic choice to have two parts to the caption - Danni watching Sindi having her interaction with his boss is a creative choice and I think you did well with it. Last cap by far is the best - that final line of "He's looking right at me and not stopping!" is just fantastic!