Monday, August 4, 2014

Caption Contest 5: The Voting!

Well, guilting you all into turning in more captions definitely worked. I call it "The Grandma Technique." Those extra couple of days I added more than doubled the amount of entries. They're all amazing. So many creative approaches to cosplay images. I'm really blown away.

As always be sure to read ALL the captions. Because I have so many submissions I'd like for you to vote for your favorite four (4) captions in the poll. I'll also pick my favorites and award the prizes when the poll closes.


Megan Gwynn 1

Megan Gwynn 2


Lolly Pop 1 

Lolly Pop 2 

Lolly Pop 3 

Shilpa Sleazy Series

Sissy Tamer 1 

Sissy Tamer 2

Missy Sissy 1 

Missy Sissy 2 

Missy Sissy 3

Alice Sissy 1

Alice Sissy 2


Candy 1

Candy Series

Dandy Cane

Elena Starz 1 

Elena Starz 2 

Elena Starz 3 

Emily Daniel 

Ian 1

Ian 2

Jenny Jenny

Jessica Rivera


Panty Princess 1

Panty Princess 2

Panty Princess 3 

Panty Princess 4

Panty Princess 5 

Panty Princess 6

Panty Princess 7

Panty Princess 8 

Sissy Rica Dee 1 

Sissy Rica Dee 2 

Sissy Rica Dee 3 

Slutty Eve 1

Slutty Eve 2

1 comment:

  1. Mmmm, how delicious. The Wonder-Boi one was especially hawt. Lovely to imagine Wonder Woman getting so frustrated with these pathetic white sissies that she decides to give them a good Amazonian fucking. Once you try it once, you just can't stop! I bet fucking Wonder-Boi turns her on so much that she pays Batman, Flash, and all the rest a visit. It's time they taste true Amazonian power! *tee-hee*