Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cosplay Caption Contest Winners!!!

Hey everybody. Caption contest winners are now posted on the Winners Page. My thanks to everyone who participated, this one was a lot of fun for me. I enjoyed reading each and every one of them. A quick rundown of the winners:

Grand Prize: Megan Gwynn 1
Megan crushed it. Seriously. This caption was far and away my favorite. I even had reservations about choosing the same person twice for the grand prize but Megan's take on a "comic book recap page" about a sissy superhero in peril was just too damn good. Such a great concept.

People's Choice 1A: Lolly Pop 3
Lolly turned in three stellar captions this contest but #3 was the one that got everyone's attention. A really cool idea of having a sissy be accosted by a black man and spanked into begging for it right in front of the girl he was flirting with earlier....so hot.

People's Choice 1B: Shilpa Sleazy
Shilpa is a long-time fan of the blog and caption contest participant. Not only did Shilpa win this time around but actually finished tied for first place in the voting with Lolly Pop. Shilpa's series uses all three sissies in the Luvcoxxx family to tell an awesome story with a little nod to my caption layout in the first two.

People's Choice 3: Candy 1
Candy wrote a novel - jk. Candy had an awesome story involving a black biker gang kidnapping and enslaving a cosplaying sissy. How could that not do well on a site like mine? Plus the inventive layout using both Catwoman pictures really added to the story.

Wes's Choice* 1: Jenny Jenny
Jenny did a caption with a sexy little sissy theater story, but the main thing i liked about it was the cool layout and design. Simple but effective and, because of the story, reminded me almost of a flyer someone might get handed. to come watch Billie's "performance.".

Wes's Choice 2: Missy Sissy 2
Missy nailed it with the "less is more" approach. Simple, to the point captions with a great impact. Missy's Scooby-Doo cosplay themed caption caught my eye immediately. A perfect story for the expression the model has in the photo and a hilarious and sexy ending.

Wes's Choice 3: Ian 1
It's no secret I like my captions dirty and humiliating for my sissies and Ian's entry definitely did it for me with a picture that seemed to be begging someone to do this type of story with it.

*Excluding captions that won in the voting or were by someone who did win in the voting

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  1. glad you liked my caption I am always a bit worried about how far to go.
    Well done to all the winners it was very hard to pick.
    I love to see knew captioner's these competitions are a great way to start.