Friday, January 2, 2015


Some housekeeping stuff and responses to some email questions:

1. For those of you waiting on prize captions from the last contest, I have to admit I haven't even started them but I will this coming week. Thank you for being patient. I'll try to make it worth the wait.

2. For the couple of people who emailed asking about the last two polls I had up, The majority of you favored no limit on the amount of entries per person in the caption contests - which is the way I was leaning. The more the merrier I say. As far as favorite characters, Nikki won by a lot, Candy came in 2nd, Britney and Billie were a very close 3rd and 4th (but I accidentally swapped their last names so let's just say "results inconclusive"), Petra came in 5th, Chrissy 6th, Suki was a very distant 7th and Sindi only got one or two votes.

That poll was really just a curiosity thing. If you're a fan of Sindi, don't worry, I'll still do captions of him.

3. A new caption contest theme poll will be under way in another week. I'm going to include nurses, bikinis, multiple sissies and secretaries/teachers. What else would you like to see as a possible theme?
character specific theme (like all captions in the contest would have to be about one character)? Femdom theme? Cuckold theme? Let me know in the comments section and I'll include it in the poll.


  1. I think all those possible contest themes would be great, including character specific themes. In fact, might be interesting to have a contest where each cap must be about one character and then the best cap for each character gets a prize (so Chrissy/Sindi/Suki enthusiasts wouldn't have to compete with more popular characters like Bobbi or Nikki).

    Some additional ideas that I think might be fun:
    1. Design a Sissy - Captions must "invent" a sissy (names, biography, etc.). Could inspire caps (your and viewers) outside of the contest in the future.
    2. Bedroom Sissies - Lingerie, babydolls, photos in bed...lots of naughty fun to be had under this umbrella idea.
    3. Explicit Sissies - Maybe just because I did this and really enjoyed the results, but a contest with exclusively explicit photos could produce some very sexy caps.

    Elena Starz

  2. Femdom and castration

  3. Big Booty White/Latina Bimbois in Prison or Jail

  4. No one has any Sindi love? C'mon people, it's such a delicious inversion of the sexy sissied son making the daddy jizz!

  5. Sissy Son/ Cuckold would be nice

  6. I'd really like a cheerleader theme.

  7. If Nikki was so popular in the poll, why not make a sissy MILF or even GILF contest? I don´t think there was one of those.

    How about Nerds/Geeks/Hipsters? Or was it covered in the cosplay contest?

    PAWG or even chubby whitebois?

    Maybe activists i.e they fight for whiteboi equality, feminists, social justice warriors. Or is it to specific?

    I would also second the Prison and Explicit contest ideas.