Monday, January 19, 2015

Elena Starz's Custom Caption Prize

First things first, thanks to everyone who made the mini-contest such a success. It was way too hard for me to pick a winner. I really mean that. I thought forever about who I should choose and they were all just too good. They all had something that was unique or sexy. So, I upped the total to three winners. Still didn't help me. Finally I decided to leave it up to you. I've chosen the top three based on your votes in the poll. Congratulations to TheSickness (with his first ever caption!), Megan Gwynn and Elena Starz. Check out their winning captions on the Contest Winners Page. The three of you will be getting an email today to talk about your prize.

Next, Elena's custom caption prize from the previous contest. Elena asked for me to make a caption out of a picture from this great pic set of Helly Mae Hellfire. I like that model a lot and just so happened to have the entire set of pictures. I settled on this one and whipped up a sexy Nikki story because I know Elena likes the MILF characters. Enjoy!