Thursday, January 15, 2015

Musta's Custom Caption Prize

Today we begin posting the custom caption prizes from the last caption contest. Check your email if you're expecting a prize, it should be there. That being said, I still have yet to hear anything from Jessica Rivera and LilLuvLip has an IOU if they ever want a caption.

So we'll start with Musta who wanted a caption of this image of three models in 1950's pin-up style clothes and make-up. I have to admit it was a tough one for me to crack but I finally settled on doing an alternate reality take on WWII.


  1. What a wickedly imaginative alternative history. I would love to see this explored more... or maybe even other alternative histories, like the American Civil War being replaced by a slave rebellion....

    1. Yeah, there's definitely some room to explore in that style. It's probably not something you'll see me do a lot of, but it's something I'll definitely return to.