Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Caption Contest No. 1: The Voting

Alright, the submission deadline has passed and now the voting can begin for my first ever Caption Contest!

I'm so excited for the turnout. You guys made some fantastic caps and I'm sort of overwhelmed with how many were turned in. I received 33 captions from 13 different captioners - that's just awesome. And they really cover the entire spectrum of my little niche. We have some captions from complete newbies doing a spectacular job with their first ever work done for public viewing, and we also have captions from famous veterans with their own blogs. We have some more subtle, almost sweet, humiliations for our sissies, and then we have some straight-up filthy humiliations that are not for anyone with delicate sensibilities (but if you had those you wouldn't be on this blog, right?) Really awesome stuff all around.

Anyway, with the quality and quantity you all provided, I've decided to step it up and offer another prize. Instead of only two winners, now there will be four! You all will vote for two in the poll to the right and I'll pick my two favorites. But only one prize per person. 

Voting is open until Saturday and then I'll post the winners and contact you via e-mail about your prizes.

Please only vote for THREE (3) captions in the poll (you're on the honor system!)

Finally, I know there are a lot to read, but they really are worth it so be sure to take your time and read each one before voting - they deserve it.

Now vote!

Brittani 1

Brittani 2

Elena Starz 1

Elena Starz 2

Elena Starz 3

Elena Starz 4

Elena Starz 5

Elena Starz 6

HJ 1

HJ 2

HJ 3


HJ 5

Nikki Jenkins 1

Angelica 1

Angelica 2

Angelica 3

Vinciini 1

Vinciini 2

Vinciini 3

Vinciini 4

Candy 1

Jenny 1

Jenny 2

Ian 1

Ian 2

Holly 1

Holly 2

Sindy 1

Sissy Tamer 1

Sissy Tamer 2

Sissy Tamer 3

Beatcat 1

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  1. What a great turnout it really is hard to make a vote well done all.