Thursday, March 27, 2014


While you enjoy this new caption, take a look to your right and vote in the new poll. I'm planning on doing another caption contest in a week or two so help me decide what the theme should be this time so I can start gathering photos for you. If you have any thoughts on how I can improve the set-up for the next contest - prize changes, rule changes, whatever - post a comment or send an email to


  1. Aw fuck yeah. A cock hardening caption and a poll full of equally hard choices. You do such damn fine work here.

    1. Thanks a lot. i feel like i've been putting more work into it - trying to post daily or every other day, doing multi-part captions, contests with prizes - so it's awesome to get feedback letting me know people are enjoying it or what I can do to keep improving. I appreciate you!

  2. Awesome! Keep it up.. The fans are going nuts! Or at least I am.