Wednesday, March 5, 2014

First Caption Contest!!!!

I'm excited for this and I hope you all are, too. Today I'm unveiling this blog's first ever caption contest. If it goes well, we'll do this every two months. This will be heavily modeled around the great contests that Elena Starz does over at, so my thanks to Elena for the inspiration.

The Rules
1. Choose one of the 15 images below to caption.
2. You can submit as many captions as you like but you can only submit one caption per photo.
3. Captions, like the captions on this blog, should be about forced feminization and interracial in nature and should try to stay away from magic or sci-fi (but I won't be super strict on this rule).
4. Submit your captions to For anyone who doesn't know how to make a caption, you can just email me the text and the photo you want and I'll try to put it together for you.
      EDIT: Be sure to let me know what name to call you. "Click here to vote for ________'s caption."

The Prize
Two winners will be selected. One will be chosen by me and one will be chosen by readers in a poll. In the event that the two winners are the same, I will select my second choice.
The prize will be a caption by me. You can send me a photo, a theme or both and I'll make you a custom caption hitting any fetishes you'd like to see represented.
      EDIT: Submissions will be taken until late evening on Tuesday, March 11. All captions will be posted for                 voting on the following morning/afternoon.

Character Guide
I've already had someone email me in anticipation of the contest asking for a character guide to the blog. Now, you don't necessarily have to use my characters, and I know I have caps that contradict each other, but I did think this was a cool idea, so:

Robert/Bobbi Luvcoxxx - Reluctantly feminized highschool-ish age main character
Christopher/Chrissy Luvcoxxx - Bobbi's younger feminized brother
Nick/Nikki Luvcoxxx - Bobbi and Chrissy's humiliated cuckold father.
Trevor Limpley - White cuckold in love with Bobbi
Cara Vixen - Bobbi's female femdom sometimes love interest
Holly Luvcoxxx - Bobbi and Chrissy's mother and ex-wife of Nick
D'Angelo Blackwood - Bobbi and Chrissy's stepdad. Holly's new black husband.
Mr. Blackstone - Bobbi and Nick's black boss. (Possibly also Trevor's boss. I kind of use the same names over and over)
Mr. Blackwell - Bobbi and Chrissy's black principal
Coach Blackburn - Coach of every sport, apparently

The Images
The theme for the phtotos of this particular contest will be "Selfies/Candids." The theme pertains just to the photo and does not have to be the theme of your caption. Your options are:

So, plenty of great photos to choose from. I hope you're all as excited as I am for this. Have fun and remember, the more humiliating the better.


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