Monday, March 31, 2014

Daddy's Dilemma: Monday

This is one I've been working on for a week or so. i wanted the layout to be something more interesting than what I normally do. As you can probably tell this story will last a week and I'll post a new part each day so be sure to be here everyday.
This is the first multi-part story I've done about Chrissy. I like the idea that that character is younger than Bobbi so he's more comfortable in his role as a sissy because he grew up with that being considered normal.
The model was the real inspiration for the story. She's an amazingly hot transsexual escort from Russia but there aren't many pictures of her - really just enough to complete this series. I hope you all enjoy!


  1. Very, very, very hot! I'm going to look forward to this week with Chrissy!

  2. Really enjoy the new layout. Glad to see the evolution .

  3. I like the start of this!

  4. I like the way it is now and can see how much more exciting its gonna get with your writing. Just love it honey!

    Also I am a big fan of your work and took you up as my mentor to write caps. This is my caption blog Just tell me your valuable feedback :)

    Forever your fan,