Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Elena Starz' Contest Prize

This is a caption I made for contest winner Elena Starz, operator of the amazing Elena Starz TG Stories/Captions. Elena's contests are what I based my contest on so it's only fitting that she get a prize. And coincidentally she started a new caption contest today so go check it out if you had fun with mine.

For her prize she gave the direction of a bimbo-type blonde, MILF sissy having trouble explaining to his son why he's giving-in to being a sissy. I decided to use a photo of Summer Brielle because she's my favorite blonde bimbo right now. This is how it turned out:


  1. I see why you selected her as your model: she embodies that statuesque bimbo Venus that the term invokes. Your work is always racy but this time it works really well with the chosen image. Hot.

  2. great caption well done Elena

  3. Thank you Wes! Such a perfect blond bimbo sissy for the caption, plus a wonderful dialogue! Great work!