Sunday, April 13, 2014

Caption Contest 2: Voting

Alright, the submission deadline has passed - and then some - and it's time to begin voting for your favorites.

We got some really fantastic captions this time so enjoy them all and show your love for the ones you like the best. Voting will be open until Friday night and then I'll contact the winners about their prizes.

Please only vote for your three (3) favorite captions.

Alice 1

Alice 2 

 Alice 3

Dandy Cane 1 

Dandy Cane 2 

Dandy Cane 3

Dandy Cane 4 

Dandy Cane 5 

Dandy Cane 6

Elena Starz 1 

Elena Starz 2 

Elena Starz Series



 Justine Series

Mistress Simone Series

Naughtygirl1992 1 

Naughtygirl1992 2

Naughtygirl1992 3

Naughtygirl1992 4

Naughtygirl1992 5

Nikki Jenkins 


Sissy Tamer 1

Sissy Tamer 2 

Sissy Tamer 3 

Sissy Tamer 4 

Sissy Tamer 5 

Slippery 1

Slippery 2

Slutty Evie 1 

Slutty Evie 2

Slutty Evie 3

Tiffany bay 1

Tiffany Bay 2

Tiffany Bay 3


  1. a fine turn out and exhalent captions. well done all

  2. Impressive set! They're all great but i would give top honors to Naughtygirl1992 caption 4 and Elena 3C

  3. So many captions, so hard to remember which ones were the good ones! Maybe next time release them in smaller batches. Would make voting a bit easier.