Friday, April 4, 2014

Daddy's Dilemma: Friday

Friday is here and my thanks to everyone who has commented so far. Still two more days...

And in Caption Contest Poll news...the poll is closed and it was CLOSE. "Short, tight clubbing dresses" won by ONE VOTE (!!!) over "Sissy cops" and with "Bobbi/Chrissy/Sissy brothers" coming in a close third. So on Monday I'll post the sexy dress photos for everyone's inspiration. To those of you who voted for the other categories, I promise we'll get to those in the next few contests. 


  1. Damn, was hoping for a sissy cop. Oh well.

    1. 95% chance on the next one we'll skip the poll and just use that since it was so close.

  2. Awesome news :)

  3. And here I wanted to be Bobbi cuckolding Trevor! Chrissy is so much hotter getting her daddy to do things for her! I hope she gets a nice pair of implants!