Monday, April 21, 2014

Dandy Cane's Custom Caption Prize

Dandy's great caption of Nikki being used in the middle of a club by a teenager and while Holly and her new man watch was an amazing entry and worthy of this custom caption.

Dandy wanted a cap of a sissy being feminized by a female coworker at an office who no longer views him as a man because of what she's done to him. 


  1. Great cap! Also really digging the new format with the title and pink ribbon borders...maybe a unique "mark" for all your future caps?

    1. Thanks for noticing the new design. Yes, this is what you can expect my caps to look like from now on (unless I come up with something distinctive that I like even better). I have a few in my older, simpler style I haven't posted here yet but anything made recently (like for your caption contest!) will be in this style.

  2. A great caption poor sissies going to be a hard frustrating life