Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Justine's Custom Caption Prize

Justine's winning caption was actually a four-part series following the misadventures of poor little Justine Swallows.

For her custom caption Justine gave me a this photo and asked for a story where Justine Swallows is feminized by her mother for her black ex-marine stepdaddy.


  1. This is the best cap I've seen in a long time (which is saying something, considering how excellent your recent caps have been)! A wonderfully unique story, does a great job of explaining the feminization, and the conclusion with both characters addicted to BBC is marvelous. Fantastic work Wes!

  2. It turned out so hot! I wish that was how my life had turned out for real. Well, I'm getting my implants on Monday! Hopefully they'll end up like hers!