Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nikki Gets Caught: Part 1,2 and 3

A week couple weeks ago I had a rough few days professionally and personally. Nothing crazy just one of those weeks where it seems like everything sucks at once. During that time I was also experiencing some writers block and on top of all that I got a few emails that kind of crapped on this blog. I was having a small tantrum when Elena Starz sent an email about the "Daddy's Dilemma" series. Elena offered actual constructive criticism and more importantly was just nice when I wanted someone to be nice (and since then plenty of you have been really nice as well so thanks to all of you who enjoy the blog.) Anyway, Elena's little pep talk helped get me out of a funk and I wanted to thank her in some way, and I made this.

This is a 6-part story based on the amazing custom caption Elena did for me after I won one of her caption contests on her blog. I had some unused photos of the model Elena picked so I decided to expand from that one caption into a series. So part one is by Elena, parts 2-6 are by me. Enjoy!

PS: To all the winners of my caption contest, check your emails, you've been notified. For those who've already responded, give me a few days and you'll have your prize!

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  1. Some of your best writing and a visually impression format. I'm glad to see it - it's a mark that you are improving overall.

    Also, I will be sending you a response soon. I am trying to think of something creative that might challenge you as well.