Monday, May 5, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Anonymous asked: Are you afraid of spiders?

Wes: Spiders? No. Cockroaches completely freak me out though.

Anonymous asked: Were you a Michael Jackson fan?

Wes: Not really.

Anonymous asked: What's up?

Wes: Not much, just trying to make this blog as fun for readers as possible.

Anonymous asked: 1. Will you possibly ever do an asian or black sissy?
2. On feminizationstation the author sometimes features long stories in a big installment. would you be open to doing something like that in the future?

Wes: 1. Asian? Almost definitely in the near future. Black? Almost definitely not. 2. I'm very open to doing that. "Nikki Gets Caught" was posted in one installment. "The Long Way Home" was broken into two posts but the next series I have of that length is going to be about 20 captions long and will probably be posted all at once.

Megan Gwynn asked: I love the models and pornstars you use in your captions. I like that you use genetic girls as well as real transsexuals.Who are your top 5 transsexuals stars and your top 5 female pornstars?

Me: Fun question, hmmmm. 5 isn't enough for the females though.
Female - 
1. Angelina Valentine
2. Lily Carter 
3. Jennifer White
4. Jada Stevens
5. Raven Bay
6. Christy Mack
7. Summer Brielle
8. Sadie West
9. Lela Star
10. Nikki Benz

Transsexual -
1. Kimber James
2. Sarina Valentina
3. Domino Presley
4. Bailey Jay
5. Ashley George

Anonymous asked: In the context of the story Chrissy show enthusiasm to become a sissy compared to Bobbi's reluctance. will this be addressed in the story?

Me: Yes. I've mentioned I'm creating a few more characters and once I introduce them you'll see bigger differences in the personalities and responses from the sissies.


  1. Just seeing this now. I'm impressed you're so productive these days with such high quality stuff. Keep it up! I'm looking forward to the asian sissy story.
    Also, spiders are okay, same with ants. Cockroaches are disgusting.

  2. Hi Wes,

    I am just curious will you be making some captions between Mom and Boi like the popular John Persons Comics bimbos Mom-Daughter BBC slut combination in Two Hot Blondes series?

    1. It's possible. I do have some ideas for some captions with Bobbi's mom featured a bit more.

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