Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Caption Contest 3: The Voting

The submission period had passed and it's time for you all to read these amazing entries from readers of the blog just like you. 
We have some excellent submissions - as always - and almost doubled the number of submissions in the final few hours last night. My thanks to everyone who participated.

Please read them all and then vote in the poll to the right. Only vote for your THREE (3) favorite captions.


Alexis Deep

Alice Sissy 1

Alice Sissy 2

Elena Starz 1

Elena Starz 2

Elena Starz Series

Ian 1

Ian 2 

Ian 3

Justine Swallows

Lolly Pop 1

Lolly Pop Series

Master Crocker 1

Master Crocker Series

Megan Gwynn 1

Megan Gwynn 2

Shilpa 1

Shilpa 2

Shilpa 3

Sissy Tamer 1

Sissy Tamer 2


Slutty Eve 1

Slutty Eve 2

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