Monday, May 12, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Anonymous asked: What do I have to do to win a contest?

Me: Well, you're anonymous so I can't be specific, but I'd say turn in a couple captions for a contest. Your odds are pretty good. I've done three contests and lots of different people have won custom captions. 

Elena Starz asked: What is the "perfect" sissy in your mind? (hair color, body type, clothing, personality, etc.)

Me: I like this question. I think there are two types of sissies in my mind that are both perfect. The first is the bimbo sissy. That type would look like Kimber James, Summer Brielle or Kagney Linn Karter. Bleached blonde hair, big obviously fake implants, probably ass implants too. Whoreish make-up, skyscraper heels, and always in the sluttiest clothes possible. This type of sissy is bubbly and air-headed and does whatever a real man tells him to do.
The other type I like is naive sissy. That type would look like Bailey Jay, Riley Reid or Tanner Mayes. Slim, tiny boobs, cute perfect ass. If their hair was up and no make-up they'd maybe be mistaken for a normal boy, but the tiniest bit of make-up and you see who they really are. Innocent personality like they can't understand why they make men hard. Clothing though should always still be slutty (probably because a real man makes them dress that way.)

Anonymous asked: Since you often use pictures of actual TS models, would you ever consider captioning images of less 'endowed' subjects? (ie. femboys, traps, otokonoko etc.) there plenty out there and for fans not into the body modification it would be a real treat.

Me: I'm not opposed to it at all. In fact, read my above post, I think you describe that type of sissy. There are a few problems I've run into. 1) There are more pictures of transsexuals with implants and surgeries than there are of traps. 2) I am looking for a certain type of model in my captions. If I'm going to use an actual transgendered model I want them to be very feminine and passable or very close to passable. 3) Often I'll find an attractive trap or femboi on imagefap or some site like that but all their pictures have them sporting erections. That's great for their fans but it just doesn't fit with my site. 4) When I do find pictures of traps that I like, often they're low quality photos, very small in size so I can't use them. 5-and final I promise) Let's say i find a pretty trap, no hard-on, decent quality and size more than half of those are going to be selfies. I've used selfies before and i have more saved for future captions but there's only so many story ideas I can come up with for the same photo over and over.
 If any of you have photos you'd like me to consider you can always email them to me. Or if you know a good site to find this type of model, let me know because i would like to use more of them..

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