Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Anonymous asked: Any girl/guy on your mind atm?

Me: In my personal life...not really. I did see one of my exes recently and she looked amazing, so she's popped into my head here and there. As far as fantasy, Lilith Lust has been the pornstar that's grabbed my attention most recently.

Anonymous: What was the last present you received?

Me: It was actually through this blog. Just a few days ago, a sexy little trap sent me a picture of herself with my blog on her computer screen in the background and a little note about how much she liked my site. She was really hot and it brightened my day.

Anonymous asked: What about a series of white boi's being forced to try and much it as sissy entertainers in a black ruled world, their lives as pop starlets, movie stars, dancers, models etc.

Me: Good idea. I like that.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever fantasized about any of your white male friends  becoming a sissy for BBC?

Me: No. My friends are all pretty similar to me in appearance. Tall, athletic build, big shoulders, facial hair. I don't think any of them would be very pretty. But I did see a skinny white boy at a club the other night when I was out with friends who would have been perfect.

Anonymous asked: Love your caps, but wondering will there ever be a caption with a black girl? Not a black sissy, but like a black girl owning a white sissy? Just wondering x3

Me: Yes. Definitely. I'm even stocking up on photos of Skin Diamond for just such a story.

Megan Gwynn asked: Soooo in love with your site. And I'm having so much fun in your contest. I wanted to know, do you ever get so turned on writing your own captions that you have to stop and "take care of yourself"? I know I would. They're just so dirty and hot! Thanks!

Me: Thanks. The short answer is yes, it's happened. Longer answer is that 80-90 percent of my captions are written because I was already turned on in some way - either a specific dirty thought got in my head and led me to making that caption or just a general horniness. So it's a not a narcissistic thing like, "Oh, my writing is so hot I can't control myself!" it's just that I was already semi-hard to hard, then I'm looking through pictures of models and pornstars and then writing about dirty, humiliating, sexy things. But most of the time I can hold off until the caption is finished and saved in my finished folder before I "take care of myself."

Anonymous asked: Would you rather take a cold shower or sleep an hour less than you need to be fully rested?

Me: I guess cold shower. I live in Las Vegas so cold showers are common for me once it gets to 120 degrees anyway.

Anonymous asked: Just saw a comment you made off I am the "Andrea" that made a few of the captions she posted. All of my current caps can be viewed at

Me: I know this isn't a question but I wanted to post this. Andrea has done some cool tribute caps for Anna Malice's site that I thought were very cool. I asked in the comments where I could see more of them and Andrea responded in my Ask Me Anything box. Check out her site, I bet you all will like it as much as I do.

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  1. Las Vegas ! I have a thing for showgirls can you send me one? if not how about a showgirl cap ?