Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ask Me ANything

Anonymous asked: Do you have a twittter account I can Follow?

Me: No. I'm not on Twitter at all. I don't know what I would tweet about?

Anonymous asked: So what are your sexual preferences? And what got you into this kind of capping in the first place?

Me: I prefer women and very feminine/passable transsexuals. I'm 100% top if I'm with a transgendered girl. I guess I started in high school when I got the internet and was browsing porn and stumbled upon a transsexual site. That led to me finding Fictionmania and I decided to try my hand at some forced feminization stories. They're not very good but someone liked them and directed me to a similar site where I became more interested in captions. Searching captions I found a guy doing really dirty, sexy interracial ones on a site called niggerworship.org. There were lots of people making caps on that site but no one doing sissy caps so I decided to give it a go. It had to be interracial to get posted. But that site kept going down or accidentally locking me out so I moved everything to blogger.

Anonymous asked: If I did have a porn password to trade you for a custom caption, how would that work? How many captions can I get? How do I get the password to you?

Me: My email for this site is popov2424@aol.com. I check it daily and respond to almost everyone. As for custom captions. Outside of my contests I've only done two so there's no set rule or formula. We'd work it out together to something that's fair. One person traded me a password for a three-part caption. One person just sent me a picture set I needed for a single caption so it doesn't even have to be password-related.

Anonymous asked: Why don't you do more captions where the sissy loves what's being done to him? or realizes he can't live without bbc?

Me: I've done a few - especially recently. The reason I don't do more i s because there are already a lot of sites that feature that type of caption and do it really well. My site has always been more about reluctance, humiliation, shame, etc. It's just what I happen to be into. A more alpha-type male forcing a beta male to become a sex toy whether he wants it or not. That being said, we're in the middle of a 28-caption story that has a main character who loves being a sissy. I also just introduced a new character who was specifically designed to be more amenable to being feminized, so you'll see more of him soon.

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