Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Big Job Interview

Just a little over 24 hours left to get your entries in for the mini-contest. Remember that the winners get to name the new characters I'll be introducing soon to interact with Bobbi and Chrissy. So lets see those captions (or caption ideas that I can turn into a caption for you.) Details and images are two posts down.


  1. Ah, mean but fun. :-)

    Though I will admit, I was hoping the new job would turn out to be real, but with some nasty little twist. Like the job would let him go back to living as a male, but he'd be working fulltime for a hardcore homosexual man who likes 'real boys', so his situation would -if anything- be even more humiliating than it was already.

    But your twist ending is plenty fun too. Love the tight outfit on the first chick, and you found a great accompanying image that actually looks a lot like her. Great job, :-)

    - B-Rex,

  2. I enjoyed it and thought it was great. The first girl was hot, and the second one just looked so happy with what she was doing, hahaha. I can't wait for more, I'm always happy to see new posts!

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