Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Anonymous asked: What experiences have you had with BBC?

Me: None. I'm not into guys.

Anonymous asked: Would you start doing more femdom sissy captions? I always find those the hottest.

Me: Absolutely. Now that I have the character of Billie Blowswell who is currently dating Cara, those are the captions where you'll see more femdom stuff.

Anonymous asked: Is there any way to follow your blog by e-mail - like on Degraded Damsels? I just discovered your captions and they are so sexy!!!...So I don't want to miss one.

Me: I think so. Can't you just become a follower on the left hand side of my blog? I know I have a ton of followers. I have to admit I don't know how it works, but I thought it was that easy.

Anonymous asked: Caption idea white boys put up for compulsory adoption by black couples if their white parents aren't making them femme enough.

Me: Not a question but I do like the idea. That might pop up later on. =)

Anonymous asked: Would you rather own a ski lodge or a surf camp?

Me: Ski lodge. I love cold weather.

Megan Gwynn asked: You said your favorite movies, what are your favorite TV shows?

Me: Mad Men, Justified, Fargo, Game of Thrones, Archer, Boardwalk Empire, 24, Daily Show, The Killing, Louie, Bob's Burgers, House of Cards, Arrested Development, and anything on ESPN.

Anonymous asked: Is there any chance you would do a custom caption by request or would I have to win a contest?

Me: Hmmm, the EASIEST way is to win a contest. I mean, this last contest we only had 12 participants and I gave seven people custom captions. Those aren't bad odds. You could just send me your idea and if I like it I may or may not do it some day in the future. If you really wanted it sooner rather than later or didn't want to risk me not being inspired by the idea on my own I suppose you could email me with some kind of trade. Not money because that's silly. But someone did trade me a porn site password for a custom cap not that long ago. It helped me get new images for the site and they got a three-part caption. I'm open to ideas of anything that makes it worth my time.

Anonymous asked: Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton?

Me: Joyful simpleton - hands down. I worry way too much already and I have pretty bad insomnia.

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