Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Elena Starz asked: What is your favorite non-interracial sissy theme for TG caps and have you considered writing any caps in this style (or any other non-sissy theme)?

Me: My favorite non-interracial sissy theme is cuckolding. I like it especially because (outside of my blog) I don't think I've ever seen captions about a sissy being used by an alpha male to reluctantly cuckold a beta male. A close second would be sissy bimbos. My favorite non-sissy is probably also cuckolding. I've written some non-sissy cuckold captions in the past. They were lost on my old computer but I think I saw them on imagefap last year or so - they weren't any good. As for bimbo captions - I've done a whole bunch and they can all be found EXCLUSIVELY on your blog, Elena. Haha, you gotta love that cross-promotion.

Anonymous asked: You enjoy grilling your own ribeye but do you have any steakhouse recommendations?

Me: You bet I do. I could go on forever but unless you live in Las Vegas it won't be very helpful for you. In Vegas my top recommendation is Carnevino. It's a Mario Batali restaurant and they're famous for dry-aging their steaks. It's amazing. Next would probably be Michael Mina's Stripsteak. Third would be The Circus Circus Steakhouse (The casino is a shithole but the restaurant is classic, Rat Pack era steakhouse with great food.)

Anonymous asked: Will there be more captions of girls getting off on their boyfriends being used anytime soon?

Me: Yes, but i'm not promising how soon. I've mentioned I have a lot of captions that are already finished and waiting to be posted. In that pool of finished caps there are definitely some more femdom ones.

Anonymous asked: Can I really ask you anything?

Me: Absolutely. If it's super personal I'll try to answer as best as I can without being too specific. The only things I won't post on the blog are duplicate questions and just outright racist or homophobic rants - which I get about once a week.

Anonymous asked: Nothing to ask, i just want to say i love your blog (L). I'm a big fan from Argentina :)

Me: Wow, that's cool. Thanks.

Anonymous asked: Sissy cheerleaders should be your Plan B

Me: You were a few days late. Gym sissies was the winner (and the contest is coming soon-ish)

Anonymous asked: Would you rather eat poison ivy or a handful of bumblebees?

Me: Hahaha, you guys are so weird. I don't have enough information to answer this question. Can I cook the poison ivy? Are the bumblebees alive? How much poison ivy would be equal to a handful of bees? There are a lot of variables here.

Anonymous asked: what's the best way to find a white sissy to fuck?

Me: I guess it depends on what city you're in. Every major city should have a T-friendly bar. But probably the best way is online.

Anonymous asked: What's your stance on gun control and do you think the reemergence of Russia (in that it's pushing it's border to resemble something of what it looked like in between the two world wars) should have any bearing on the issue?

Me: This is still a porn blog, right? Is google linking my blog to a CNN chat room? Anyway, my stance is that gun laws should be much stricter in the US and I think rifles for hunting and handguns for home defense are all that should be allowed to average citizens. The military and police are a different issue. As for Russia affecting my stance, not at all. While Russia should be a cause for concern in US foreign policy, the odds of a land invasion in US by Russians is about zero percent.

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