Friday, June 27, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Anonymous said: I luv your site and have been meaning to enter your contest for ages, but do you really not mind putting the caption together for ppl who don't know how to?

Me: No, I really don't mind at all. I won't do anything special in terms of layout and I don't promise I'll proofread - but sometimes I do. In fact, I made more of the captions for this contest than ever before. I just want as many people to be able to participate as possible.

Megan Gwynn asked: Are you really going to cancel the contest? It's kind of obvious that someone(s) are cheating but what about those of us who aren't? Plus, I'm finally doing well! *POUT*

Me: Haha, first off, well done. Second, I don't think I'll cancel it (yet). I do keep seeing a couple people voting more than once from the same IP address, but it doesn't seem to be a ton. It appears that most of the votes are legitimate. If it gets out of hand again I will shut it down and just award the prizes to the ones I like though.

BobbiFan asked: I'm a huge fan of your site and love all your new characters. What captions are you working on right now?

Me: Thanks and nice username. Right now I'm working on a big caption series. It's massive. I don't want to say anything about it because I don't know if people would rather be surprised or teased. What would you all prefer?

Anonymous asked: Do people really like your captions? I don't get it. They're shit.

Me: Sadly, no. No one likes my captions. Each pageview is done ironically - this site is the hipster hangout of internet captioned image porn.

Anonymous asked: Has this ever been asked before? Why an Anchorman reference?

I mean, besides the fact that the character was amazement...

Me: No real reason. I just liked that movie a lot and that was my favorite character name. I wish there was a better story behind it.

Anonymous asked: Roughly how long do you spend on one caption?

Me: It really depends. A single caption can take me 15 minutes or it can take me hours and hours. If I have to photoshop the photo at all, those are the ones that take forever. My new layout takes a little more time but it's still pretty basic. Sometimes it's the story though. I'll start writing and it's too long so I edit and edit to get it to fit. Or sometimes I write it and think it sucks and then scrap it and start from scratch. Others just write themselves and - BAM - it's done.

Anonymous asked: So i loved the cops caption contest, I was wondering if you've ever considered a prison sissy contest?

Me: I definitely have. It's a sub-genre I like a lot. The problem is I don't have enough prison related photos. Anybody wanna pass some along to me?

Anonymous asked: Would you be open to other author/artist's work on your blog? I only ask because I don't really get excited by my own captions and to be honest I don't really have the time nor desire to keep up my own blog.

Me: I would be open to it, but under special circumstances. I think Elena Starz was the first one to mention the idea of a "guest week" or something on my blog as a way of keeping up the one-post-per day schedule without me getting burned out or hitting writer's block. Sissy Tamer and I have talked about him maybe filling in when I go on vacation. It would have to be someone whose captions I've seen and enjoy like most everyone who have been in one of my caption contests.

Anonymous asked: In most of your caps the sissies tend to stay reluctant and petulant about their situation but in Working Bois Carli went stumbling straight down the black cock rabbit hole. Was that more Elena than you? Do you prefer a reluctant sissy or one who caves?

Me: I've said it before, but Working Bois really was a total collaboration. Elena and I emailed each other ideas back and forth for a long time before we started writing. Together we decided to have Sammi hate it and Carli end up loving it. Elena did write all the "solo" Carli captions, but we both had lots of input on each other's chapters. Some of my favorite Sammi ideas came from Elena. As for what I prefer, I think it's obvious I prefer to write about reluctant humiliated sissies, but I'm writing more and more captions where they reveal they do like it or they're "converted." The Britney Valentine character is a good example of that I hope.

Anonymous asked: They're not coming from just one person, as I've asked ridiculous political questions too. I just can't resist when I see these "ask me" things. Thanks for responding to these questions, by the way, most people just ignore them.

Me: Not a problem. When I started this gadget, I promised myself to answer all questions and answer them truthfully no matter how embarrassing. I just never imagined I'd be embarrassed intellectually.