Monday, June 23, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Megan Gwynn asked: I LOVED your Mary Jane Watson caption. As you might be able to tell by the name I use when I make captions for your site, I'm a bit of a comic book nerd too. What are you reading right now?

Me: Thanks Megan. I did notice your name a while back. Right now I'm reading East of West, Manhattan Projects, Walking Dead, Velvet, Bendis's X-men stuff, Hickman and Remender's Avenger's stuff and Hawkeye. That's in addition to what any of my friend's loan me or random stuff I pick up at the store.

Lolly Pop asked: It looks like your total pageviews are up as you've changed your caption designs and started posting daily, but it looks like comments have decreased and now you say you have less entries for your contest. What is up with people, Wes?

Me: Haha. Pageviews definitely have increased over the last 6 months or so. As for the contest. I'm not too concerned. I got some good ones today (including yours) and I'm hoping to get some more before the deadline. As for comments, they did take a pretty steep dropoff after Working Bois ended. It's not a huge deal but it would be nice to get at least one comment on a caption with almost 2,000 views. Ultimately it's not super important. The people who really like the blog leave comments, send emails or have fun with "Ask Me Anything," and I thank them for it.

Anonymous asked: Do you think you'll do more with "Petra Lix"? That character is so hot!

Me: I put one up yesterday! How is that for service? I went back in time and fulfilled your request before you even made it! I definitely will do more with Petra, and I even added him to the character list for the caption contest in case anyone else wants to use him.

Anonymous asked: Yo Wes, now that I know how much you enjoyed the comic-con caption, do you have any plans to revisit the sissy cosplay concept? There's such a wealth of material I'd love to see Bobbi (and maybe Suki) forced to dress in slutty comic/game costumes.

Me: Definitely. I have comic cosplay image or two that I'll get around to captioning. If I find more images they'll definitely get tossed in my "Caption This Soon" folder. I was actually thinking of adding "sissy cosplay" as a possible theme for a future caption contest.

Anonymous asked: So in your earlier caps as well as that (relatively) recent series centered around Chrissi, you kinda hinted at some foot fetish themes. Can we see more of this? I love sissies and feet, so sissy feet caps would be fantastic!

Me: Yep. It's something I'm into as well. i'm not a huge foot fetish guy but I do like the idea of Trevor or Nick being so overcome with lust for sissies but only being allowed access to their feet. You'll definitely see it pop up from time to time.

Anonymous asked: Would you rather make headlines for saving someone's life or winning a Nobel prize?

Me: Absolutely saving someone's life UNLESS the Nobel prize was the prize for medicine. In that case, I suppose my medical breakthrough would save way more lives than just one.

Anonymous asked: How should the increasingly dire political situation in Iraq with ISIS best be dealt with, both from the perspectives of the Iraqi and US Governments?

Me: These have to be coming from one person. I'm guessing someone in a high school forensics class who has to participate in a Lincoln-Douglass Debate. ISIS is a group that has to be stopped. The reports coming in over the past two weeks of what they've been doing to Iraqi troops who don't immediately throw down their guns and run away are horrifying. From the perspective of the Iraqi government, they need to ask for help. They're obviously too weak to defend themselves and will quickly fall under another dictatorship that would be harmful to its people. From the perspective of the American government, we did a lot of damage to that country, but also did a lot of work training their military to defend itself, setting up a new democratic government and rebuilding infrastructure. Many Iraqi people (and many would say rightfully so) still wanted the US troops out sooner rather than later. This has been an unfortunate result of the US's departure. I think the only thing the US can do is provide military help ONLY if formally asked by the Iraqi government.