Friday, June 20, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Lolly Pop asked: I like that you use different models and different looks (breast size, hair color, skin tone) for all your characters, but if you had to pick one model to use from now on for each of your sissy characters, which models would you choose?

Me: Oh, this is a fun question, thanks! I put a little thought into it and came up with this:

Bobbi: Kimber James
Chrissy: Lily Carter
Nikki: Summer Brielle
Candy: Veronica Avluv
Sindi: Angelina Valentine
Britney: Jennifer White
Billie: Domino Presley
Suki: Alina Li

Of all of them, I actually do have a plan to use Vernonica Avluv as the only model for Candy Luvdarc for as long as possible. I just thought it would be cool because I think she's really hot and I have a lot of pictures of her, especially in office/teacher outfits, so it fits that character.

Elena Starz asked: What caps that you have made do you like the most and why?

Me: Another good one. I've really never thought about it. Going back and looking through my "published" folder I guess I'd have to say Working Bois is the thing I'm most proud of because of the effort that went into it and because it turned out so well. Between the flow of the story, the tease of it, and the look of it - it exceeded all my expectations when we started it.
As for single captions here's a rough top 10, in order of when I made them:

Little Kisses: Because I love Sarina Valentine, especially how she looked back then. The idea of the dad seeing his sissy son's lipstick smeared on the crotch of a man's speedo is hot to me.
Stepdad Makes the Rules: This one I like the text, but really I love the picture. It's perfect for my blog.
Twice Cuckolded: This is the same model as the previous caption. I love this one because it's the first time I got across the idea that the black master KNOWS how the dad is reacting to his son's new look and is using that to torment them both.
Weekly Recap: Despite the ugly layout of this one, I just love the complete dominance over every aspect of Bobbi's life.
After Party: I've done a few captions where Bobbi and Chrisy are forced to "lez-out" with each other, but this one is my favorite. The two amazingly sexy models and the idea that they're both too naive/ditzy to realize how many taboo fetishes they're covering at once.
Eye-Opening Experience: I'm a big fan of Gina Lynn and this caption is my favorite of all my femdom captions. I like that the girlfriend had no idea what a sissy her boyfriend was and now that she's seen, there's no going back.
Limo Driver: This one is sexy and I like it, but it's really just the model and the dress. I had this pic on my computer waiting to be captioned, and then I found out the model was an actual transsexual and that jumped it to the front of the line.
Gym Invasion: What can I say? The idea of all those guys cumming inside Bobbi's leotard and him feeling it squishing around makes me hard as a rock.
The Amazing Comic-Con Cutie: This is probably my favorite overall. I'm a huge comic book nerd and I got to express that in a sexy story, with a beautiful model and a stylized version of my new layout that perfectly fits the caption.
Ring Boi: Another example of fitting the new layout to fit the story. Plus, like the comment says, two alphas fighting over who's going to fuck the sissy is hot.

What are your favorites?

Anonymous asked: Have you ever considered making animated gifs?

Me: I don't know how.

Anonymous asked: Where do you find your pictures?

Me: All over. Mostly from Brazzers, Blacks on Blondes, Jules Jordan Video, and Evil Angel Video. If I'm looking for a specific model I'll go to Freeones. If I want more amateur models I go to imagefap and search a certain theme. Transsexual models are much tougher to find - they're usually a combination of imagefap and google searching thumb gallery posts.

Anonymous asked: You mentioned in a previous post that you're mainly attracted to actual girls. When you have sex with them, do you find yourself imagining they are sissies?

Me: I have done that a few times, but it's unusual and never with a girlfriend. Usually I'm just having fun in the moment - I don't need to imagine anything. When I have it's because I'm with a girl who turns out to be boring in bed. If I pick up a girl and go back to my place and she turns out to be the kind of girl who just lies there then I might need to think of something dirty and sexy to actually cum.

Anonymous asked: I love your work thanks for sharing - have you ever thought of setting up a tumblr account as another way for fans to access your great captions?

Me: No, but only because I don't see how it would be different or offer anything else for readers that my blog doesn't offer already. What would the benefits be of a tumblr versus a blogger?

Anonymous asked: Excited for the Bobbi and Kara captions, what about one where Bobbi is forced to try out for cheerleader and ends up stealing Kara's place on the squad? ;)

Me: Almost definitely something similar to that on the way. A bit of a twist to your ending though.


Anonymous asked: The ECB financial statement (6/10/2014) found that gold and gold receivables had increased by EUR 1 million in the previous week, owing to gold coin acquisition. Do you predict this will affect the upcoming regulations of Eurozone monetary policy securities?

Me: I really should have titled this "Ask Me Most Things." I would say the affect will be minimal because modern economists seem to increasingly agree that gold no longer equals "money." Obviously it still hold value but it is no longer a standard by which we base our monetary value as a world society. Try going to the store and buying your groceries with gold - in any country. Furthermore gold has been volatile over the past years seeing major fluctuations in value and straining its credibility as the world's major unit of account.


  1. Excellent choices in response to my question, Wes. Weekly Recap, Eye-Opening Experience, and Limo Driver are three of my favorite caps as well. In response to my favorites, well...there's a lot. But I decided to try and narrow down to my top 12 favorites (couldn't do just 10!), not including caps you've picked or caps done for/with me (bias and all that).

    12. Pageant Boi - The unique idea of a "sissy pageant", combined with the dad's obvious humiliation and a great image, makes for a great cap. A theme you should possible explore more in the future? *WINK*
    11. Beg To Stay Straight - This cap is my favorite of the archetype you have where father and son are talking, the son about naughty things he has to do, until the dad can't stand it and creams his pants. Love these caps.
    10. Forced - A cap I appreciate for the repetition of "forced" before every explanation of the humiliating world of a white boi...very well done in that regard.
    9. Trouble in the Club - Love the image for this, as well as the idea of the dad rubbing up against Bobbi as he listens to the humiliation of his son.
    8. Bring Your Father to Work Day - Great sissy MILF cap, especially with the two images and the way he interacts with the boss.
    7. Neighborhood Watch - This was a cap I didn't really discover until going back through your old caps a while back, but it's excellent. The idea of the sissy locked outside, pleading to be let in while he describes everything that is happening to him...*SHUDDER*...delicious.
    6. Entertaining the Troops/Justine's Custom Caption Prize - My favorite cap from what I thought was your best set of prize caps from your contests (Campus Cutie, Just One of the Girls, The Superb Sissy Store, and of course Bleached Bimbo Punishment for me were all fantastic). I like the unique storyline as well as the feminization process and how Justine grows to love it - a very well-rounded cap that hits a lot of themes I like.
    5. The Inevitable - Some of my favorite dialogue mixed with a fantastic pic - just wonderful. I especially like the last lines, "Don't make him cum. That will make you a fag. Don't be a fag Bobbi. Don't let him make you a fag with your cum," because it sounds like a sissy hypnosis video...very sexy.
    4. The Bad Feeling - Great image of yoga pants, great description of them getting ripped open, and the sense of impending doom leading up to that moment are soooo good!
    3. Personal Ass-Sistant - Easily one of my favorite captions of late and would be my top choice if not for other caps with more artistic reasons for their placement. Sexy dialogue, great humiliating plot, and a fantastic image/layout to go with it...very well done.
    2. New World Order - This cap is why I try to write interracial sissy captions. It opens up a whole world of imagination - such a large scale turnover of the white male populace into soft, sissy playthings for big black men described in a logical, believable way that I just WISH I could emulate it in my own work. A great model doesn't hurt either :)
    1. Being A Role Model (The entire series, but especially II, III, and IV) - The original sissy MILF caps and some of my favorite work because of it. Choosing Taylor Wane as the model for the final four caps, especially with pics of many different appearances is just perfect for the character - but it's the plot that does it for me. Whether it's Bobbi walking in on Nikki blowing his boss, Nikki trying to explain to his son why he's doing what he's doing, orNikki giving into his position and turning his son into a sissy too, the entire series was just so wonderful.

    1. Wow, thank you so much for the kind words. Amazingly, many of those were my "final cuts" to get me down to a manageable 10. You're the best, Elena.