Saturday, August 2, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Anonymous asked: How many captions do you currently have saved and ready to go?

Me: After I post today I'll still have 16 solo captions, a 20-part series, an 18-part series and a 5-part series.

Lolly Pop asked: Why do your captions suck this week? lol

Me: Ok, I should explain this one because even with the "LOL" at the end, I think people might might not realize Lolly is being facetious. Lolly is really cool person with a similar sense of humor to me and we talk via Yahoo Messanger. She's busting my balls here because I've only gotten one comment about two weeks of posting. On second thought, feel free to say mean things to her. =)

Anonymous asked: Would you ever do a caption of a picture of one of your fans?

Me: Sure. There are two ways that could happen. You could send me a picture of yourself and ask nicely and there's a chance that I'll be inspired OR you can enter caption contest and ask me to caption a personal photo as your prize caption. I've done both.

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