Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Anonymous asked: I tried to find WesMantooth on yahoo messanger but I didn't see you. Do you go on private?

Me: The first issue is that my name on YM is WesMantooth702. The other issue might be that I'm not always on. Only when I'm home and not working.

Anonymous asked: You should do some teen sissy caps using photos of (legal) teen girls. That'd be super hot.

Me: I feel like I do a lot of those. Check my archive - especially any captions of Chrissy - and I'm always making more.

Anonymous asked: Dude cutting out that "dads jacking it to their sons" was the best decision youve ever made for your blog, keep that shit cut out.

Me: Hmmm

Anonymous asked: I know you've made Bobbi's dad into Nikki the MILF but I miss the captions where Nick was unable to control himself around Bobbi. Those caps were soooo hooooot! More of those!

Me: Hmmm.

Seriously though, those types of captions will always pop up from time to time. I guess I have done less of them recently but they haven't gone away.
Anonymous asked: The

Me: ?