Thursday, July 10, 2014

Slutty Eve's Custom Caption Prize

Slutty Eve did a whole load of captions for this contest. my favorite was the series in which she explores the 5 stages of grief but through the lens of sissification. It was pretty ambitious and turned out amazing.

For her custom caption she gave me three very short and concise instructions: Blonde, Cock in mouth, Do your worst. Challenge accepted.


  1. I absolutely love this caption. Fantastic. Please do more like this.

  2. Hi im a sissy from lv and i was just wanting to ask u if i could post some of ur great work on my xvideos page its my only page and it fits my life style and would love to share ur great work with the world u can kik me at hazel_irish_eyes hope to hear back from u...luv sissy sasha

  3. O and if u want to check out my profile 1st hun its sashalv at hun thanks again mwah

  4. A very mean caption. I love this one.

  5. I can understand that well.
    I would act the same way, who can resist a BBC Master.