Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ask Me Anything

Blackly Sums asked: Have you ever considered making a caption of sissies dominating other sissies from different ethnic minorities (e.g. Indian dominating Chinese, etc.)? If so, which race would be the sissiest and which would be the least sissiest (excluding the black race)?

Me: I haven't really thought about doing that, though I'm sure it could make for some fun stories. The main reason it hasn't really crossed my mind is that - like I've said before - the interracial aspect of the captions is the part that interests me the least. I just use it as a plot device (for lack of a better term) so I can have a group of alpha males dominating sissies. So separating the races even further hadn't occurred to me. That doesn't mean i won't have a story with one sissy dominating another sissy eventually, because I do like that idea, but it probably won't be because of their race.

Anonymous asked: You said in the comments that you would Yahoo Message with a fan. Id that open to anyone? I'd LOVE to chat with you. I also have Kik and gchat.

Me: I'm not always signed on, but yes, if you see me logged in feel free to talk to me. My YM ID is WesMantooth702. I don't have Kik and my gchat is private. This AMA gadget is still probably the best way to get a specific question answered though.

Anonymous asked: In the grim, dark future you illustrate here, why do white girls enter relationships with white boys at all? Is it the new way young girls shock their parents or is there some cultural pressure to do so?

Me: I haven't really gotten much of this into the captions, but in my head I imagine that most girls still see white guys as "nice" and "safe," but while they're dating them they realize they want a real man with a big hard cock. Some actively want to date one so they can get off on dominating him and forcing him further down the sissy spiral.

Anonymous asked: post pic of your cock

Me: That's not going to happen without a lot more bourbon.

Anonymous asked: Are you more in support of israel or palestine and WHY?

Me: I wouldn't say I support one more than the other. I know that's kinda a cop out, but I really do feel that way. It's an extremely complex situation and I think you have to empathize with both. There's no easy answer so I don't see how anyone can say "It would all be solved if _____ left the region." They both have legitimate claim to the area and they both have done things to prolong and escalate conflict.

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